Invitek Molecular is committed to developing products for state-of-the-art sample collection and nucleic acid extraction used in microbiome research. Maintaining the integrity of samples collected is a major challenge. Our collection and extraction systems guarantee an excellent performance in NGS downstream applications.


  1. Effortless & non-invasive collection in user friendly Stool Collection Tubes
  2. Stabilization of DNA for 3 month at RT and preservation of microorganism titer
  3. Suitable for NGS applications, microbiome & microbiota diversity studies and bacterial detection


Infographic - 5 facts of stool sample collection (pdf)

Gut Microbiome Sample Management (pdf)

Kits for Microbiome applications

  Kit Nucleic acid Starting material Package sizes Catalogue number
Membrane adsorption          
  PSP® Spin Stool DNA Basic Kit (CE-IVD)
without lysis buffer
For sample lysis, the kit needs to be combined with Stool Collection Tubes with Stool DNA Stabilizer (50 or 250 tubes) or Stool DNA Stabilizer (180 ml for 50 preps, 2 x 180 ml for 250 preps).
Genomic DNA - max. 200 mg fecal sample
- 1.4 ml Stool DNA Stabilizer with stool homogenate
50 preps
250 preps

Collection modules

The Stool Collection Tube is designed for stool sample collection and stabilization using a liquid stabilization buffer. The DNA Stabilizer effects inactivation of DNases and prevents degradation of DNA, it preserves the microorganism titer and pre-lyses bacteria.
Stool Collection Tubes with DNA Stabilizer

Collection modules

“On request order” products

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On request products

  Kit Nucleic acid Starting material Package sizes Catalogue number
Automated using magnetic beads          
  InviMag® Stool DNA Kit/KF96
(for use on KingFisher™ 96 and KingFisher™ Flex, Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Genomic DNA up to 200 - 400 mg 5x96 preps 7438300200

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