Custom Development

We can assist companies with the development, prototyping and testing of products intended for commercial sale. We also do the research and development work to progress an idea from the whiteboard to a marketable product.


Put our experience to work for you.

Our product developments and our sample management portfolio showcase our manufacturing capabilities. Work with our experienced scientists to develop outstanding custom reagents or kits to your unique specifications.

Our Development Cycle

Our development cycle starts with you. Are you facing difficult challenges? Is it difficult to get the materials you need? We are here to help.

Understand your project

Your project is important to us. Tell us about your project and we will recommend the best solution to optimize results.

Consult with our experts

Our leading experts have the experience to answer your questions.

Document milestones

Stay up to date on the development of your individual service. We keep you up to date every step of the way!

Initiate & communicate

We understand that communication is the key. We are always ready to quickly get answers to your questions and requests!

Deliver your product

We stand by our custom end products and work to your schedule.

Your Project is Our Business.