When you are committed to providing your customers with seamless performance and real diagnostic results, you need a solutions partner who can provide the technologies, services, and insights you need to deliver for in-vitro diagnostics around the world. Our excellent nucleic acid solutions and over 25 years of experience give you the capability to meet your customers’ needs.

You can benefit from several options of our services:

Custom development

Custom manufacturing


Invitek Molecular Milestones


We produce our products in compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements of the new European REGULATION (EU) 2017/746 for in-vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDR).


Invitek Molecular supports clinicians and test labs with kits for manual and automated Virus RNA isolation in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic


We became a member of the NUVISAN Group, renaming to Invitek Molecular

Realignment of our business model to providing customized development, contract manufacturing and OEM solutions to the in-vitro diagnostic industry



Product launch of the InviMag® FFPE DNA Kit/ IG for automated DNA extraction from FFPE slides



Product launch of the InviGenius® PLUS incl. extraction kits for liquid biopsy



Product launch of the Universal kit series for DNA/RNA extraction from pathogens and genomic DNA



Product launch of the InviGenius® automation platform



Acquisition by STRATEC SE, renaming to STRATEC Molecular GmbH



InviMag® technology

Invitek magnetic particles for use on automated purification platforms



IP for non-chaotropic chemistry – Invitek core technology

Leveraging this unique and proprietary technology, we have developed several innovative sample preparation and purification solutions like the RTP®, PSP® and MSB® technologies



Invitek Gesellschaft für Biotechnik & Biodesign mbH was founded as one of the first biotech companies in Berlin at the Biomedical Park in Berlin-Buch

Sharing our knowledge and expertise in nucleic acid purification.