Invitek Molecular manufactures custom and off‑the‑shelf products at the GMP production facility of NUVISAN, which is capable of small‑ to large-scale manufacturing in accordance with ISO 13485. The capacity and flexibility of our production facility enables us to respond quickly to any throughput requirements.

The production areas are equipped with the most modern technology in automated machinery and systems, which cover each stage of standardized manufacturing: reagent preparation, bottling, labeling and packaging. Furthermore, validated ERP systems allow for traceability, stock movement and disposition calculation of the whole production workflow.

Our Production team includes manufacturing scientists and technicians, as well as QC scientists. We guarantee lot-to-lot consistency using standardized preparation procedures and process control, providing Certificates of Conformity (CoCs) for every lot. One of our special production procedures is the lyophilization of buffers in tubes and bottles with volumes of up to 60 ml. Many of our own ready-to-use kits feature lyophilized lysis or sample stabilizations buffers.

Apart from buffer formulations, we offer custom design and packaging options for your project, such as custom label design or MSDS generation in your language.

Our expertise for your sample