Smarter Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation

Your project is our business

Invitek Molecular develops and commercializes tailor-made nucleic acid purification solutions that enable manual and
automated DNA/RNA extraction from virtually any sample material. We provide customized development and contract
manufacturing services to in-vitro diagnostics companies all over the world.

With more than 20 years of experience, our custom and industrial solutions cover all challenges from the idea up to the
realization of a marketable product according to CE-IVD. We are passionate about utilizing our technologies, capabilities
and the dedication of our team to create success for your project.

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Custom solutions

Custom development

We can assist companies with the development, prototyping and testing of products intended for commercial sale. We also do the research and development work to progress an idea from the whiteboard to a marketable product.


Custom manufacturing

We offer customized and flexible manufacturing solutions specifically dedicated to your individual IVD product. Our manufacturing capabilities in Germany include the ability to manufacture kits and components according to ISO 13485 and offer broad flexibility in dispensing, formulation and batch sizes to meet your needs.


OEM Invitek Molecular

We constantly develop new and innovative products and make them available to you for commercialization under your own brand name. If you wish to further adjust these Invitek Molecular products in volume, packaging, kit configuration or a change in formulation, we can deliver exactly what you need.

Sharing our knowledge and expertise in nucleic acid purification

Research and development is at the core of our growth strategy and our identity as a biotech company. We are committed to developing new products for state-of-the-art nucleic acid extraction using our patented technologies. Our focus is on nucleic acid purification methods for molecular diagnostic applications in routine laboratory testing and Point-of-Care applications.

Technology focus

  • Several patented technologies for DNA/RNA purification
  • Own automation platform (InviGenius® PLUS)
  • Stabilization technologies for sample collection at ambient temperatures
  • Stabilization technologies of enzymatically active reagent mixes
  • Working supply chain from prototyping by 3D printing up to serial contract manufacturing by injection molding

We will meet your expectation of service and quality

Invitek Molecular manufactures custom and off-the-shelf products at the GMP production facility of NUVISAN, which is capable of small- to large-scale manufacturing in accordance with ISO 13485. The capacity and flexibility of our production facility enables us to respond quickly to any throughput requirements.

Our production capabilities

  • Most modern technology in automated machinery and systems
  • Reagent preparation, bottling, labeling and packaging
  • Traceability, stock movement and disposition calculation of the whole production workflow
  • Guarantee of lot-to-lot consistency using standardized preparation procedures and process control
  • Custom design and packaging options for your project